Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finding the Human Spirit

I found a link to an amazing article on FB today. My cousin works for a company called Growing Bolder. Growing Bolder is, "An attitude. A mission. A passion. A team of people who believe in the power of hope, inspiration and possibility." Over the last several years, I have seen them do amazing work, sharing wonderful stories about people and humanity, and how much the human spirit can affect everyone around you.

Today's FB link led to a guest blog post on Growing Bolder's site written by a follower who is working hard to get back into shape. She joined a gym based on raving reviews of one of the spinning instructors, Kris Shanahan. She raves about how wonderful Kris is as an instructor, and how much better she feels after working with her for a while.

But the article isn't about the blogger's journey with Kris. It's about Kris' journey. She has overcome some very hard obstacles in her life and has worked hard to get through them. During her journey, she was able to use her story to inspire others. Take a look at the article. It's beautifully written and very inspirational.

I love hearing stories like this. One of the main reasons I wrote My Open Heart was to inspire my readers who are growing up with heart disease or other chronic illnesses. I never realized how much hearing back from some of them would inspire me. Once again, it's the mystery of the human spirit.

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