Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why Bother?

Earlier today, I was cleaning my kitchen, again. It seems every time I think it's clean, suddenly more dishes stack up and the counters are full of crumbs again. The same thing happens in the bathroom: I clean it, only to see soap scum build up quickly, water all over the counter, and hair all over the floor. Why bother?! It takes a lot of my energy to clean up just one or two things around the house, and I always have to rest afterward. So when I see that it doesn't last long, I get so frustrated. And it's not because I have a messy household. My husband and I do the best to clean up behind ourselves, and there are no kids making their own mess. It's just life. Life is messy. And you have to deal with it.

But I don't always feel like dealing with it. For the past several months, I've been feeling tired, depressed, and stressed out. I have no idea why. I keep trying to think of why, but I don't come up with any answers. I think maybe it's from not getting any work done. I haven't touched my draft in months. But when I think about picking it up to work on, my stress increases. It seems my body and mind just want a break. Which is OK, but it still bothers me. Why? I don't have a clue.

Do you ever get the moody blues and don't know why? What do you do to figure out the problem and fix it? Me, I try to write a list of what's bothering me, even if it takes me a while to come with something, and even if that something is ludicrous. Right now, it's that I'm bored. I'm bored with writing, frustrated even. Yes, I want to finish my book. but I know when I do, I have a lot of work coming for editing and formatting it for publication. Yikes! That just freaks me out right now. So, instead, I do nothing. And nothing seems to make things worse. And so it's an endless cycle. 

What I really want to do is find another hobby that will fill my soul while I take a break from my writing. But I have no idea what to do. So, I thought I'd ask you. What are your hobbies? What would you suggest I do to get my creative energy flowing again? Thanks in advance for your help!


  1. Hey Andrea,

    first and foremost thanks for sharing your post. Yes I always struggle with the stresses of a messy house and making sure to clean it since I have three children and a husband. I like you also get the moody blues and I have to make sure to stop and take time to enjoy something I love. I love Writing and I also do editing with my internship and work from home. The cool part is I do it all when my kids are at school and whatever I do not finish I work on it later at night or on the weekends when we do not have any plans or my husband is on call. One thing I love is working on my podcast. I enjoy it and it is getting more fun to do another thing I have added is learning how to play guitar. I have always wanted to learn since I also write poems or rather songs and I have been wanting to work on this too. My problem is maybe try to slow down more. However with the stresses of being a mom, and a wife I also get cranky and get down on myself with so much on my plate this is why I try to not overwhelm myself and I do take time with family and take in a movie and stop and smell the roses. I think you should choose something that you have always wanted to do. Ask yourself what is something you wanted to try? I know it is hard due to your energy levels but try to not overthink it and take it day by day without pressure. I hope this helps. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Sylvia! It helps to hear I'm not alone in this. I will certainly think about what are the things I've always wanted to do, and then figure out which ones I can do realistically.