Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bullet Journaling

I've recently discovered the art of bullet journaling. Basically, it's a daily, weekly, and/or monthly journal where you write down anything you need to keep track of over time. You can use it for your daily schedule, meal plans, track appointments, birthdays... The sky is the limit!

It took me a few days to put one together that works for me. While in the creative process, I kept going back-and-forth as to whether I really wanted to keep one or not. I was trying to make it much more difficult than it had to be.

Finally, I just decided to keep it simple. One page per day with everything I wanted/needed to do that day, split up into sections. I used a different colored pen for each section to keep it organized and make it pretty.

For now, my one-page-per-day is perfect for me. As time goes by, I can add more information, or even more sections. I can also see myself getting a bit more creative with colors, stencils and stickers. Oh, what fun!

Is bullet journaling right for you? Check out Sarah's Chapter blog post on starting a bullet journal to find out, and get some great tips on putting one together. Enjoy!

Do you have a BuJo? Post a pic in the comments.

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