Thursday, February 4, 2016

Are You Sleeping?

Getting a good night's sleep is important to your health. Not only does it give you the energy to enjoy your day, but it also replenishes your body's cells to keep you healthy - on the inside and out. You may notice changes to your appearance if you're not getting enough sleep, such as a bad complexion, puffy eyes, dark circles and weight gain.

Your lack of sleep could come from several factors, including staying up too late and stress. You may want to spend all night leveling your character or hanging out with friends, but it's important to shut down and get at least eight hours of sleep. If stress is the cause, talk to someone you trust about what's bothering you.

There are several tips you can follow to help you get a better night's sleep. Your body, and your grades, will thank you for it.

What sleeping tips have worked for you? Share with us!

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