Monday, February 8, 2016

Wicket and Max

Puppy bunk beds!
Max is on top, Wiket on bottom.

Meet my fur babies :) Wicket is a peek-a-poo (perkiness-poodle mixed breed) and Max is a Tsit'zu. They were both Hannumas (Hannukah and Christmas) presents my hubby and I received several years ago from his mother.

Wicket came along a couple of years before Max. She is my very first puppy, and my baby. I remember the day she came into our lives: my mother- and sister-in-law brought her over. They made me close my eyes while they took her out of her crate, then told me to open them when she was right in front of me. I about melted. I loved her from the start. It was interesting getting used to taking care of and training a puppy, but I can't imagine life without her.

A couple of years later, my sister-in-law's Tsit'zu had puppies. I was in the room when the second one was born. I saw the whole thing. Out came this adorable black-and-white tiny puppy. She looked just like a panda bear! Pandas happen to be my fave. My hubby and I had planned to adopt one of the puppies, and of course, we chose this one, my Maxi. When the time came that we were able to take her home, my sister-in-law told us Max was our Hannumas present that year.

It's been several years since these beautiful girls became my babies. I love them more and more everyday. They may not technically be puppies anymore, but they will always be puppies to me. They so small and cute, and I can't get enough of them. 

Do you have fur babies? I'd love to see pictures! Post them here in the comments. I'll pick my fave at the end of the week. The winner can choose a free ecopy of one of my books.

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